Expanding the cogniBIT product range with a fully interactive bicyclist model. bikeBOT leverages our cogniBOTâ„¢ AI architecture for the simulation of realistic cycling in urban environments.

Features include

  • Realistic Simulation: Mimics the behavior of motorbikes, bicycles, and eScooters in city environments.
  • Traffic Savvy: Adheres to traffic rules and signals, ensuring a true-to-life urban navigation experience.
  • Interactive: Engages fully with other traffic participants, from weaving through traffic to avoiding both static and dynamic obstacles.
  • Realistic Perception: Navigates around visual occlusions, understanding what it can and can't see.
  • Diverse Personalities: From aggressive to cautious riders, bikeBOT simulates a full spectrum of rider behaviors.
  • Physical Limitations: Accounts for potential distractions and physical constraints of riders.
  • Flexibility in Compliance: Offers options for simulating violations of traffic rules to test boundary conditions.